Knee Joint Pain (Osteoarthritis of knees):


1) Knee osteoarthritis is the most commonly occurring arthritis and affect millions of individuals.

2) There is a cartilage (soft tissue) between femur and tibia bones of the knee. Due to decrease in production of synovial fluid (lubricant), gradually the cartilage gets eroded, ranging the pains from mild to moderate to severe as the time progresses.

2) Usually weight loss, exercises, NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) or knee replacement (invasive procedures), are suggested by doctors depending upon the level of severity.

3) Due to additional oxidative stress or increased free radical damage, recovery with allopathy becomes more and more difficult day by day.


  • Good news with us is that we provide such specific concentrated foods (nutrition) to the osteoarthritic patient that their body starts regenerating synovial fluid and cartilage back again.
  • Upon that our robotic equipments and massagers provide specific tourmaline radiations, heat, and massage which helps increase the blood circulation and reduces the oxidative stress to greater extent simultaneously. Combination of specific nutrition and some robotic equipments enable the patient to recover comparatively faster than any other treatment outside our rehabilitation centre.


  • Tourmaline heating knee pads.
  • Robotic Bed.
  • Foot Acupressure.
  • Leg & calf.
  • Electric heating bag.