Foot & Leg Massager


Unique and Elegant Foot & Leg massager, glossy colored body with smooth satin cloth.


1) Air squeezing massage for calf muscles, reduces oxidative stress, relaxes muscles by restoring oxygen by speeding up blood circulation.

2) Roller scrapping for feet to increase blood circulation and keeps blood vessels and nerves supple and flexible in order to ensure proper blood circulation.

3) FIR heating for the foot to reduce pain & swelling intensities.

4) Very useful for paralysis, varicose veins, flat foot problems, etc.

Electrical Source:

  • 220V/110V
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Power: 60W/110W
  • Product Size: 45X43.5X54cm
  • Colour Box: 55X50.5X47.5cm
  • Massager Speed: high, medium, low.