1) Paralysis or stroke is caused due to obstruction of blood supply to the brain, which has potential to stop sending sensory messages to any part of the body to cause its malfunctioning.

2) Once the mechanical obstruction in the blood vessel supplying blood to the brain is removed by allopathic treatment and medications, our rehabilitation centre helps the patient to restore the body to the normal condition with help of our appropriate wellness equipments and proper nutrition further helps patient to gain the original strength and immunity back in order to prevent reoccurrence of paralysis in any other parts of the body in future too.

3) Our rehabilitation centre retunes patient’s body internally to avoid further losses and reassure patient to be paralysis prone for rest of his life with use of specific proper nutrition.


  • Good news now is that once you are out of your emergency phase of a paralysis attack, with allopathic treatment and medications, we, in our rehabilitation centre, can help you with speedy recovery of this disease in order to make you capable again to lead a normal life as before.
  • Our natural treatments protect you from the side effects which could otherwise have happened due to long-term allopathic treatments used for complete recovery. You need not undergo further rehabilitation with allopathy which potentially and with historic evidences have led to side effects like kidney or liver failure. Your 100% rehabilitation program is taken care of under our Relaxation and Nutrition rehabilitation centre.


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