1) Parkinson’s is nervous system disorder caused due to death of some of the brain cells (dopamine neurons) due to insufficient supply of blood to brain caused due to hardening of blood vessels due to excessive oxidative stress or free radical damage. It is also called as progressive neurodegenerative disease as it progresses and gets worse as the time progresses.

2) Shakiness, tremors, disturbances in speech pattern, stiffness, rigidity and shakiness of body parts like arm, wrist or legs, loss of body balance, trembling of head, writing problem, thinking problem, or slowed down body movements are some of the common symptoms of Parkinson’s. This leads to isolated behaviour from the society and depression in many cases.

2) Excessive allopathic drug intake, use of pesticides and insecticides on fruits and vegetables, habit of drinking impure chemical based water from well or genetic inheritance may also be the underlying cause of this type of damage to blood vessels and dopamine neurons from substantia niagra area of the brain. Male above 60 years age are more prone for Parkinson’s as compared to women.

3) Our rehabilitation centre retunes patient’s body internally to avoid further losses and reassure patient to be Parkinson prone for rest of his life with use of specific proper nutrition and some robotic massage equipments.


  • Good news now is that for Parkinson’s, we, in our rehabilitation centre, can help you with speedy recovery of this disease in order to make you capable again to lead a normal life as before.
  • Our natural treatments protect you from the side effects which could otherwise have happened due to long-term allopathic treatments used for complete recovery. You need not undergo further invasive treatments or allopathic medicine intake which potentially and with historic evidences have led to side effects like kidney or liver failure. Your 100% rehabilitation program is taken care of under our Relaxation and Nutrition rehabilitation centre.


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